This is Edward R. Murrow talking from London

Long time no see!

Back to tell you about Edward R. Murrow.This american journalist was a pioneer in radio and television broadcasting, and became famous especially during the 2nd World War.
He was in london in 1940, and  provided broadcasts while the war was just starting, here is an emblematic one, as he was witnessing the Blitz.

Close you eyes and travel back in London, August 24, 1940


In 2005, the movie Good Night, and Good Luck was released. Related to a part of his life, the plot is set in the early 50’s, by the time Edward R. Murrow was a TV journalist, and relates the conflict between him and  Joseph McCarthy , regarding to the senator’s anti-Communist actions at that time.


edward r murrow, american journalist, reading on a porch


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